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(08-04-2016 16:43) Gaynor Purkiss, UK: Seasons - Spring and Summer DVD is just beautiful to watch and listen to. So relaxing with vibrant colours and soothing music. I would definitely recommend.
(05-07-2015 13:18) Pam Moorman, United States:

From Lady Song, USA I own several of the nature, fireplace, virtual walks and the virtual cycle dvds. I have a large collection of nature and relaxation dvds and I find myself always coming back to your dvds. They are the best I have found anywhere. They are clear, colorful, well-videoed and have quality sound. The winter one is my favorite. It has lovely winter scenes as well as the sound of the winter winds.

My favorite part about your products is the wide selection of dvds that you offer. I really like the virtual walks and the virtual cycle dvds they are a great tool to make your exercise routine more interesting. They also give you a choice of three walks or rides. It feels like you are actually riding in the Alps or the Dolomites (I have those two) complete with sound effects and passing traffic.

Don't waste your money on inferior dvds...I have. If I had found this company before I bought the others, I wouldn't have. These are always quality dvds from Tony Helsloot and they are shipped quickly to your door.

(12-24-2014 19:14) Lorraine Durham , uk: Hi I can not thank you enough for delivery of my order. Placed on Sunday 21st December and received on Tuesday 23rd December within plenty of time for Christmas. I had already purchased the fireplace tv jukebox dvd and found it to be a remarkable and realistic representation of real fires without the mess or fuss of a wood fire, the only thing missing was the smell!
Superb quality and exceptional in HD so now I'm looking forward to the recipient's reaction to their dvds on Christmas morning . I will definitely be buying more of the ambient collection in the near future.
(10-27-2013 13:21) Emma fullard , England : I love my DVD of the aquarium, lots of different scenes to watch. Really does look like a real fish tank. I will definitely be purchasing more of theses DVDs.
(10-25-2013 14:05) Dean fletcher, UK: Paradise beaches DVD.
Ever get that feeling that you wish you were on a paradise beach well now you can by bringing the beach to you.
Beautifully filmed in HD with endless beaches,blue sky's and bright sunshine.
A lovely way to relax and watch the stress of the day wash away.
The sounds of the waves slowly covering the sandy beaches with sunrise and sunsets on the horizon is truly breathtaking.
This is a lovely DVD.

(10-25-2013 13:56) Dean fletcher, UK: Aquariums of the world DVD.
This aquarium collection brings back a lot of happy memories for me as a child,i would spend many a day just watching the fish in the tanks when my father had his own aquarium business many years ago.
Made up of 12 aquariums with different types of fish including freshwater,tropical as well as seahorses and jellyfish.
The attention to detail is truly amazing and the colours of the fish and corals are brilliant and bright.
Tony Helsloot has done a fantastic job filming them.
A real masterpiece.
(10-25-2013 13:44) Dean fletcher, UK: Christmas DVD.
This DVD is full of Christmas wonderland making the festive season magical for all the family.Starting with a selection of familiar items including Santa,snowmen and reindeer surrounded by decorated trees and colourful bright fairy lights with carols playing throughout.
There's also a roaring fire to relax in front of after dinner or if you prefer why not watch a scene of winterland with snow falling on a creek.
I think this Christmas DVD has something for everyone and once Christmas is over you can still bring it out to play again to see in the new year as it has a firework show included.
I look forward to playing this DVD for many years to come.
(10-21-2013 17:58) Dean fletcher, UK: Fireplace DVD.
An excellent DVD for them cold winter month's with fantastic attention to detail with six fire's to select from with sounds of music,nature or just the sound of the burning fire with crackling wood and roaring flames.
Lovely to have on Christmas morning.
A brilliant DVD.
(10-21-2013 17:51) Dean fletcher, UK: Butterflies and flowers DVD.
Brought this DVD for my mums birthday for the spring/summer to play on her tv on the wall which doubles as a fireplace in the winter.
I was very impressed with this DVD bringing spring/summer indoors in fantastic detail with sounds of nature or relaxing music.
My mum already has the fire place DVD and this one is just as good.
Ten out of ten I would highly recommend these DVD's.
(10-18-2013 17:29) colin, United Kingdom: Nature walk will make the time FLY BY as you watch and walk the Nature Trail. excercise without Stress. Hospitals could use these Dvds when Patients being checked for Heart Problems on the Treadmill instead of a Still Life Picture to look at. I am Certain it would have helped me to keep looking ahead and Not Be Told DON'T LOOK AT YOUR FEET.

(10-03-2013 00:57) guest, Switzerland: About the DVD: Blue Seas is a wonderful DVD! While watching the video I noticed after a short period of time that my breathing had began to deepen and I sensed a peaceful calmness inside me. A condition of „Eutonie“. I am very grateful that you do such valuable productions on a idealistic basis and wish you good luck and success for the future. Since I am really elated about your DVD I therefore consider to include a clipping of 1-3 minutes in my TV show (self-help and spirituality) which is displayed on a local swiss TV station. During the broadcasting I would ensure that the name of your website will be faded in so that my audience will know where to order the DVD. This might bring you some more customers. I hope that this kind of free promotion in a German speaking area suits you. Kind regards, Dr. Yvonne Maurer, M.D. and psychotherapist IKP, Zurique
(09-26-2013 18:34) Barbara and Kirk, Australia: We recently purchased the Sunset Moods and Tropical Freshwater Aquarium DVDs from ISIS. Absolutely fantastic! Both have excellent video quality, offer multiple scene options and the option of beautiful relaxing music or true nature background sounds. The Tropical Aquarium is so realistic it genuinely looks like we have an aquarium in our wall but without the hassle of actually looking after the fish. The Sunset Moods allows you to watch some of the mos beautiful sunsets without even leaving you couch! We find them a fantastic way to relax at the end of the day.
(09-26-2013 18:31) Colin Wood, UK: I have got 17 of your Dvds and a Triple Box set. Anything you do is ALWAYS SUPERB. I personally like the Dvds to have the Option of background Music. You have helped to calm down my Stress Level. Thank you so much You are one of the UNSUNG HERO'S. I am sure that I am not on my own in saying that. My Prayers & Best Wishes to YOU & ALL THE TEAM.
(09-26-2013 18:19) Colin Wood, uk: There are a good variety of Dvd choices from Seas, Mountains, Streams, Sunset Beaches. Fish. Corals and MORE The Films are in HD and the Quality of the Picture SUPERB. Natural sounds, Background Music or Mute and Play your own Music. All the films are Played with a loop system so that you have NO NEED to keep changing the Discs until you would like a change of Land, Sea or Underwater Scenes etc. Personally I have one on Daily. As a Christmas Gift Ideal. there is a Dvd on Christmas Scenes so enjoy opening your Presents or having your Meal with the Dvd as background. Best Wishes

(07-24-2013 11:07) Laurence Baker, United Kingdom. London.: Brilliant....Brilliant....Fantastic.
Delighted with the rapid delivery of my order (within 23 hours). You are missing out if you do not purchase at least one of the displayed items. I chose the aquariums. every on a winner. Well done Tony and your colleagues Laurence (Baker)
(04-28-2013 15:55) Mary D Jenkins, U.K.: I thankyou for your trouble and sending me another DVD when one was lost in the post..they are delightful and have bought several now..have also recommended them to various friends who love them just as much as I do.
(01-10-2013 12:16) Karenza, UK: Our Day at the Beach DVD arrived yesterday. Great success!! I am using it to settle my son (who has autism, ADHD) at night as his mind and body are going VERY fast. I wanted something to calm him to give his mind a chance to slow down. I am happy to report that he was asleep in 30 minutes, rather than his usual 3 hours! 10 out of 10 for quality. The sounds and visuals are SO enticing. Long may this calm continue.
(12-18-2012 22:15) Helen Armour, UK: Ordered Ambient TV...amazing! Just ordered another one for a friend. Delivered within 2 days as stated.
(08-31-2012 12:07) Roger Kats, England: My mother in law (87yrs young) is house bound and likes peace and quite, so we have purchased a selection of your DVD's and she absolutley adores them. She comments on how she feels so much more relaxed and content when watching and listening to them, especialy the nature selection, she watches them over and over again. We shall certainly be ordering more in the very near future, as my wife and I also enjoy them for their calming and therapy calming qualities.
What more can I say, except brilliant, lovely, magical and enjoyable.
Thank you very much, especialy for making an old person very happy.
Roger, Jenny & Hilda.
(06-29-2012 21:00) julie, UK: I ordered the fireplace dvd and it arrived exactly when you said it would and it's even better than I hoped...I'm glad you suggested the ambient one because it suits this room much better. I'd had one before but it disappeared somewhere and I've been looking for a replacement. I'm sure I'll be back for another dvd..maybe one of the nature ones. Thank you.
(04-02-2012 21:37) Dawn Elliott, England: Fireplace DVD was excellent - just what I was expecting and better.
(03-31-2012 22:57) Lilias Darcy-Fox, United Kingdom: Hi, I have just ordered Nature's Windows for a friend as I really enjoyed my one. It is lovely having so many different scenes and moods to watch. Glad to report my friend was just as delighted as i was so it solves a lot of pressy questions. I am so awed by the sheer beauty of your dvds and congratulate you on such wonderful work.
(03-31-2012 22:48) Lilias Darcy-Fox, United Kingdom: Its hard to remember which was the last dvd I bought, as I am hooked. The Blue Seas I absolutely loved in fact it is my favourite one of the sea collection. I really feel I am there its so real and the colours are vibrant and glowing. Once more thank you both for such a treat.
(02-21-2012 11:52) Carol, UK: I bought the Fires/Aquarium 2 set DVD for Widescreen TVs for my father. He had seen something similar in a restaurant/bar locally.
These arrived very promptly and are excellent. I have only had a quick peek at each option on these DVDs so far.
The Fires DVD has 8 or 9 different types of fire, some good, some not so good, but that's a matter of personal taste. You certainly feel warmer just watching the flames and the crackling sounds of the log fires in very nostalgic and relaxing.
The Aquarium DVD has several tank/environment choices, and also several accompanying 'tracks', bubbles/waves and a few tracks of 'relaxing' music. They are all delightful and very relaxing. Beats having a blank TV screen in the room.
Thinking of checking the art ones out for myself!!
Would certainly recommend them to people.
(02-10-2012 13:33) colin wood, United Kingdom: I have got 9 DVDs (1 set of 3 is included in total). All the DVDs for me are SUPERB. The only thing that I feel could improve on some of the DVDs is to have the Option of Relaxing Music. You are helping me deal better with my illnesses to Calm Down. Thank you once again
Best Wishes, Colin Wood

Isis says: Thanks for your kind words, Colin. Don't forget to look at the category ‘DVDs with music’ to find DVDs with music tracks :)

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