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Title:  Fireplace TV Jukebox 2 CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   £ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Duration - 90 minutes
A dvd from the ambient collection® - filmed with high definition cameras.

Turn your tv into a realistic fireplace!

Filmed with high quality cameras, and with 9 tracks to choose from, fireplace tv jukebox 2 has a fireplace to suit every home and every screen. Sit back in front of your tv and let the flickering flames and sounds of the fire relax you.

Choose out of classic log fires, modern, dancing flames, a fire waving up from white pebbles, cosy fires ideal for a romantic evening, or a log cabin fireplace where the crackling wood sounds are mixed with the forest birdsong.

All fireplaces have real fire sounds. Just choose a track and it will repeat automatically for a continuous fire on your tv, or use the play all function to play each fireplace in turn.

1. Log cabin fire 2. Nostalgic fire 3. Classic fire 4. Dancing flames 5. Christmas fire 6. Fire with pebbles 7. Italian fire 8. Modern fire 9. Cosy fire

Key features:
*all tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location.
*tracks repeat automatically - play one continuously or use the play all function.
Dispatched within:  2 business days
Fireplace TV Jukebox 2    


I had researched fireplace options for my L.A. condo-from natural gas to bio-ethanol. The lowest budget I could get down to for something I liked was $7,000. By the time you buy the burners and fuel and the list goes on. After I plugged this DVD in I was thankful I waited. Some of the fires are better than others. But this is a must have for the modern condo/loft dweller.
Famious Stephenson, USA

This dvd is extremely many different fireplace scenes to choose from. It is so easy to change one from another and you can play your favorites over and over again without being forced to watch your non favorites...if there are any. This dvd will not disappoint...the fires have gorgeous color...some so amazing you could easily believe you have a real fireplace. The sounds are clear and wonderful...I had it running all day and evening this Christmas Eve...just pair it with some campfire incense and you are set to go. I highly recommend this dvd to everyone...:)
Ivy Kingsland


Pleased with DVD worth paying a little more, I have also had the cheap ones ....don't waste your money.that goes for most ....ya get what u pay 4


I have owned this for several years and thought I'd reviewed it already...oops. However, it is not too late to share. I have viewed it many times and by now know it well. It is still one of the best values if you want a choice of HD colorful fireplaces. There are nine different ones to choose from. Each is high quality, great realistic sound and you can add music if you like.

A lovely ambient fire scene on the television along with a nice campfire or pine scented candle and a glass of wine...well it just doesn't get much better than that and there are no ashes to clean up.

I own several fireplace videos and the two Fireplace TV Jukebox ones are my favorites, because I can choose one of a wide variety of fires, add sound and music if I want and they play continuous on one track or all nine
- Pam Moorman


This one IS the VERY BEST. I know since I bought 4 other dvds which didn't begin to cover the different ways to enjoy a fire. My two favorites are the flames coming through the stones and the gas flame reflecting on the glass counter or whatever it is. The others range from holiday ( pine cones at the base of it ) a log cabin fire place ( twigs and smaller branches burning * morning birds in the back ground softly chirping* ) some have brick in the back, one has off white brick behind the stone wood with gas flame. This DVD is the ONLY one you will need! I wish I had found this one first. Live and learn.
JAVA06 "Hobo Addiction"


Fireplace Tv Jukebox 2 is Awesome!,
I purchased this dvd for Christmas Ambience since we do not have a fireplace. It is so easy to switch scenes or play your favorite track over and over again. I played it all day and evening this Christmas Eve...I paired it with campfire incense and the ambience was set. It was so much family truly enjoyed every minute of it. The sounds are so crisp and clear and the colors were amazing...looked so great on the television that you could easily believe that you had a real fireplace...I highy recommend this dvd to everyone...:)
decojumeau "Ivy" - Phoenix, Az. USA


Great Gift Idea,
The Ambient Collection from World Nature Video brings peaceful serenity to any location. Two visually spectacular new DVDs are available: Fireplace TV Jukebox 2 & Fireplace & Tropical Aquarium.

Fireplace TV offers 9 separate tracks. Ideal for settings where a traditional fireplace is unwelcome, one gets all the sights & sounds of an actual fireplace. Parents who need to have date night at home due to child care issues or weather can create a romantic setting. Play your favorite fire track on automatic repeat & avoid having to continuously adjust a stereo or the DVD player.

Gift a copy to your local Lamaze class to aid in mom-to-be relaxation. If you are a doctor or dentist, consider purchasing a copy for your waiting room. Fire has a tendency to relax people & will make your office more inviting.

Utilize the Fireplace/Aquarium DVD to create relaxation while rocking a colicky baby. Play as background during a toddler play date or doing homeschool craft time. You'll get all the benefits of a tropical aquarium without all the upkeep & food to buy. Plus, there's no danger of little hands in the tank.

On this DVD, choose from 2 music tracks or natural sounds of the fireplace or aquarium. Fireplace TV has a run time of 90 straight through while the Aquarium DVD is at 79 minutes. Both are filmed in HD.

I received both DVDs in exchange for an honest review.
Liz Terek

Review: Fireplace TV Jukebox 2
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