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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Approx. duration - 110 minutes


From leaping dancing flames to camp fires, to flames coming through pebbles and much much more this dvd is the ideal choice for those who want a comprehensive choice of modern and traditional fire scenes, adapting to every mood and situation. The dvd comprises of eight different films all 10 minutes long (an ideal length for a filmed fire) and all clips can be looped individually or on their own for an even more vivid realistic feel.

As always with world nature videos products, this dvd has been produced with the very best hd cameras for a professionally rendered set of films. Designed to enhance all moods (romantic or party time), all seasons (from roaring winter fires to summer barbecues) and all tastes (from traditional fireplaces to plain black or blue backgrounds) fire provides something for everyone. A perfect choice for home or business, as this dvd comes with our exclusive non profit license allowing users to show it over fours different screens.

Fire is part of an ever growing ambient collection of a staggering 135 dvd’s by word nature video. Filmed by Tony Helsloot and his team, this dvd has been produced by the highest quality professional equipment, as all the other dvd’s are. Tony has worked for over 15 years with clients such as the BBC, MTV and numerous hospitals and care centres around the world. Fire is also proof that an ambient dvd should not be just static and boring, but involve its viewer and be a true life experience. We hope you enjoy it! Key features:

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Review of the Fire DVD
I recently received your dvd Fire. It is absolutely a brilliant film. The picture and sound quality are wonderful. I especially like the fireplace scene with the brick background.
Christine Leonard, US

Review of the Fire DVD

Really pleased with this DVD. There's lots of fire ones to choose from out there- I chose this one because it had some unusual modern fires and because (I'm fussy I know) there were some shots where you could see the top of the fire, rather than having it cropped. You can set it to go through and play every fire in order, or just pick one and have it loop. Really nice and relaxing having this on the background while doing other things, though its filmed in high enough quality to just enjoy sitting and watching it. I mainly wanted a standard fireplace one but my favourite is the campfire with the sound of crickets in the background!

Review of the Fire DVD

Thank you for coming up with this brilliant idea, I had the dilemma of where to move my tv if I bought a fire and also figured that I would end up using it for the effect rather than heat to avoid warping my wall paper. This DVD is the perfect solution for me. My room feels so cosey and warm now :) It is much nicer than an electric fire effect and so real I keep reacting to the sound of the coals dropping ha ha. Ok thanks again, from a very satisfied customer.
Caroline - UK

Review of the Fire DVD

The perfect fire for any occasion!,
If you want to buy your first fireplace DVD this is it! Blimey, talk about choices. Log fires, camp fires, pebble fires (yes there are some of those !) and every type of other fires conceivable is in there on eight different films. For those who have never had a fire dvd (and I think they have to be the most popular choice) this one's a great alternative. Youc an choose to play one type on a loop which would be great if you have an occasion in mind like say Xmas or new year. These fires films all set different moods and that means that ONE dvd does the job of eight! Not bad! Good quality footage, lots of good sounds as well. A complete package for the first time buyer I would recommend.
Mr Ed - UK

Review of the Fire DVD

Love the multiple types of fireplaces. My favorite is the modern gas flame as it goes best with my modern condo/decor. Instead of a blank TV, I pop this in and it sets the mood for just reading at home or when guests are over. Get it! You won't regret it.
Chance Ramos

Review of the Fire DVD

The sample clip gave a good idea of what the end product was,
just as advertised on their website. The sample clip gave a good idea of what the end product was. Video and sounds were good.
Bob G

There are many choices of fires from traditional to modern and different fire sounds for each. This is a great DVD! I use it all year long but it is especially nice for use during the winter months. I love watching the snow fall outside while listening to and seeing the fire inside.

Review: Fire
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