Fireplaces with Flames and Crackling Burning Wood Sounds
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Title:  Fireplace Jazz CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   £ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Fullscreen, Dolby Stereo, Duration - 65 minutes

This dvd is sophisticated, romantic and seductive and provides you with all the elements you need to create that perfect evening. Whether you are having a cosy evening for two or a nice, sophisticated dinner party.
And you don’t have to worry about smoke nuisance, chopping the logs or clearing up in the morning!
Fireplace with jazz music features two long, full length fire films. Get carried away by sensual saxophone music, refined piano passages and soothing ambient music. 

- various jazz music compositions
- fireplace sounds, recorded on location
- a mix of jazz music and fireplace sounds 

Fireplace dvd with jazz music is filmed with the highest quality to enhance realistic experience.
All tracks are programmed to repeat automatically for an endless fire on your tv. 

ISBN:  9789089709899
Dispatched within:  2 business days
Fireplace Jazz    

I love fireplaces they are so relaxing and cozy. This video has 2 different fireplaces and they are very nice. The first one is for those intimate times that you want to spend with someone. The fire starts with a roaring blaze then slowly goes down to embers. It has nice slow sexy Jazz music. And you can just let it keep looping if you want to which is nice. So grab a glass of wine and your love and enjoy a nice quiet cozy fire. The second one is for those great group get together, its good for small or larger groups. It has a upbeat Jazz tempo to it great for those parties. The fire also starts out roaring and going down to embers, and You can let this one loop also. So next time Christmas or any other get together comes around be prepared with this nice video. You can mute either one of these and play your own music or just listen to the fire burning. This is a great video to have for whatever you have planned. Well done video.
Teresa Fox

Review of the Fireplace DVD: Fireplace Jazz

Not sure I ever thought of a fire as romantic but I get what this tries to do. I think I would sume this DVD up in just one word "elegance". My wife and I play a lot of ambient dvd's, I believe large screens shoudl not be a black hole when you invite guests around but should be used as "living art" if you like. As we live in an appartment we dont light fires! So fireplaces DVD's have been favourites of ours for a mighty long time. There are a few things that can be annoying that this DVD avoids and it is great. The flames don't get cut off top of screen as so many of these films do. The whole point is to create a realistic effect so it is important! The soundtrack is great and not annoying music. That can be the case many many times AND the fire sounds seem to match. I knwo it sounds silly in itself but I hate when the crackling of the logs seem to come from somewhere else. Not here though. Finally and almost more importantly these are LONG fires not just three minutes loops that I have seen done before. Helsloot's productions (which this one of) are always quality aware and this one is no exception. Good price too, well worthwhile.
Mr Ed - UK

Review of the Fireplace DVD: Fireplace Jazz

Romantic but also meditative,
If only these were available when I was a bachelor! This is a very romantic DVD, with a choice of two fires (one larger, one small) that burn down to the embers. You have a choice of listening to a wonderful score of romantic jazz, or, if you like, to nothing but the natural sounds of the fireplace. This DVD would be excellent background for an intimate setting. But it doesn’t have to be just background: there’s something fascinating about watching a fire burn down to glowing embers even if you’re alone. Your thoughts seem to follow the “action.” What I mean is, watching a fire burn down for an extended period of time (over 40 minutes on the first selection) can a meditative experience, at the end of which you feel calm. I’ve watched this DVD both ways—with the sexy jazz score, and with only the sounds of the crackling fire---and each has its merits. The music, as I say, is romantic and relaxing, and would be nice to have around on a date. But the unadorned sounds of the wood crackling is also very relaxing. So, if you’re wondering why someone would want to sit in front of the screen and watch a fire burn itself out for over an hour---either listening to a romantic score, or simply the sounds of wood crackling---it’s because by the end of the DVD you feel as if something in your mind has been resolved. Once again, the patient production values of the Ambient Collection have cast their spell on a too-busy world.
Dan Carrison - Santa Clarita, CA USA

OK, I'm not much of a jazz music fan, so when I got this, I was dubious whether I'd like it. But I figured I'd try it out and mute it if the music was the frenetic kind of jazz I've heard before and didn't like, because I love fireplace videos. Imagine my surprise when I LOVED the sultry mood-setting music that came out of my TV. I was TOTALLY shocked that I had misjudged the music just because it's "jazz". The fires are, as always, mesmerizing. I watch these videos a lot in the winter especially. I love to watch the fires burn all the way down. Since you can listen to the fire crackling too, it's definitely a relaxing, versatile video. I'm SO glad I have this DVD. Try it, I'm sure you'll like it too!! It‘s very affordable too!
Carol L

This DVD has two firesides with jazz music. I especially like that you can watch the entire fire. This way you have the feeling to watch a real log fire. The image quality is also very good. When it comes to background noise, you have the choice to enjoy the fire with jazz music, just the crackling of the fire or a mix of both. Although I am not a big fan of jazz music, I really like the combination of the firesides with the music. The music fits perfectly with the slightly faster flickering of the fire. This DVD is fantastic for a cozy evening at home.
Rita, Germany

Review: Fireplace Jazz
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