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Title:  Rain And Thunder CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   £ 9.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Approx. duration - 80 minutes

Images of nature: BREATHTAKING!!

We are so proud of this DVD with three breathtaking HD nature videos of a variety of nature landscapes in rain and thunderstorm.

Forest and Rain sounds

Track 1 is a stunning nature video with different scenes of a quiet creek meandering through a fall forest. Watch the raindrops fall in the water and listen to the sounds of the rain, wind and thunderstorm in the distance.

Tropical scenery and nature sounds

Track 2 shows a static shot of a tropical storm in a lush green landscape with palm trees, bright green tropical plants and rolling green hills in the back drop. Watch the rain drops fall into the creek and listen to the sounds of nature.

Magical weather conditions and calming music

Track 3 is an HD nature video of pure magic! Enjoy a great variety of nature landscapes: from amazing rice fields surrounded by mystical clouds, a bright yellow sunrise over lush green rolling hills and fiery sunsets to a spectacle of natural disasters, a lovely deserted beach and close up shots of colourful tropical flowers.
This video has it all!

HD Quality

All tracks are recorded with the newest HD cameras and professional sound recording equipment to provide crystal clear images.

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Rain And Thunder    


Definitely worth added to your nature DVD collection ...

This one is particularly nice - sometimes we put it on just to enjoy the feeling of "relaxing inside on a rainy day". Many beautiful images too.
-- WHOru

Absolutely love this, just wish it was 3 hrs long

Absolutely love this, just wish it was 3 hrs long. I have ringing in the ears known as menieres disease which make it hard to sleep think and anything.
-- callmeblue

Wonderful UHD disc

Wonderful UHD disc
My wall (a 4k TV) seems perfect and seems true
No pixel to be seeable ; time length is really correct
Thank you !
-- Coveliers

Relaxing scenes of nature in the rain

I really like this DVD, you can really relax wonderfully with it. I find it very good that you have the choice to play the videos with various background noises. You can choose between music, rain or rain and thunder sounds. The variety of scenes on this DVD is very good, either you see static shots of rivers in the rain or you have videos with changing scenes of nature in the rain or of clouds. A great DVD.
-- Aly

Like it!

I always find rain and thunder so relaxing. There are 4 rain/storm choices or you can play them all. I like playing it with the music if I am doing things around the house but find the rain and thunder sounds relaxing if you are trying to sleep. I put the sound lower than normal like a sound machine for falling asleep.
-- DanniCats

Review: Rain And Thunder
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